Daniel Englisch

Daniel S. A. Englisch (03-03-1974), born and raised in Amsterdam, comes from a very musical family. He was drawn from a young age to new musical styles and art in general. It started in the early eighties with the introduction of electric boogie, break dance, hip hop, graffiti and the making of cut and paste mix tapes. 
In 1987 he got in touch with house music trough pirate Radio 100 and was sold for live as it seems. In 1990 he bought his first turntables, learned the fine arts of spinning from his soul mate Bas Wissink aka dj Wizz and started playing house and techno under the name Diablo. He played at many clubs like club Mazzo, Paradiso, Time, Melkweg, Lichtfabriek, Fun Factory, Graan Silo, the Catacombs, AMP studio's, Trance Buddha, festivals like New Frontier, Hellraiser, Dance Valley, Wooferland, several radio stations (including Radio 100) and in countries like France, Yugoslavia, China and Israel. Daniel also played drum and bass for some time under the name of dj Deadly D. He also followed a studio course at the National Audio Institute in 1990 to gain some knowledge for his own music production, but it was only until early '99 that he would bring this knowledge to serious use with Solid Fundamental, an electronic live act consisting of four friends; Bas Wissink, Joera Mulders and Karel Eggerding aka Rustig. While working in the famous Groove Connection Record store, run by JP, Joost Bleeker (rip) and later Vince (rip), he met Ziv Avriel from Israel who moved to Amsterdam at the time and offered him a spot in club Trance Buddha. Surprised by his skills and his great personality it did not take long for them to create their own techno organization. They called it Underground Heaven, with a residency in club Mazzo & Time and one off parties at Hempoint (illegal ware house party), Hotel Arena, Lichtfabriek etc. They played alongside artists like Steve Rachmad, Thomas Schumacher, Kazu Kimura, Estroe, T-Quest, Misjah, Bart Skills, JP, Shinedoe and many more. On the end of 2003 Daniel and one of his old band members, Karel from Solid Fundamental, formed the live act Eclectric, with influences from techno, break beats & hip hop. They did a few live sets at parties and had their first vinyl release together with Solid Fundamental. In 2005 Daniel went solo with his productions. Since then he played live at parties for Switch Music, Vaaghuyzen, Paradiso, Pand 14, Cue Bar, de Effenaar etc. 

From beginning of 2009, Ziv Avriel and Diablo started their own techno label called Defuse Records which is still going strong with many great artist contributing their tracks and remixes. As Daniel’s musical choice was not only techno but house as well from early on, he was looking for a new medium for his trax on the deeper shade of dance music and that’s where Willem de Poorter aka Adjust came in. Willem invited him for a live set on a festival in Eindhoven. Shortly after they went into the studio and decided to create the label Cosmic Disco Records. The main styles are deep- and tech house. Daniel and Willem also formed the new live house duo Zweistein. The label, Zweistein and their featured artists received support from artists like Francois K., Paco Osuna, Robert Owens, Jamie The xx, Michel de Hey, Maor Levi, Sunshine Jones, Guy J, Alexander Robotnick, X-Press 2 and many more.