Near Earth Object

Near Earth Object is a DJ and producer from the Netherlands. After buying his first turntables and 12”-es there simply was no turning back. Starting as a resident DJ at a local club was the first step in learning how to please a crowd with a diverse mix, working with VJ’s and performing with some of the biggest names in the business.

After several years of DJ-ing at most of the major techno clubs and radio stations, the interest in producing electronic music became more and more important. Years went by, slowly building a good home studio and learning different techniques.

This resulted in several small releases on a variety of labels and some remixes for other artists under the name Near Earth Object or alter ego Adam Link.

To create an extra platform for releasing music without being limited to styles and boundaries, Program.Records was established in 2010.

As a DJlive performer and a producer Near Earth Object blends styles like techno, electro, house, dubstep and broken beats with many years of experience to form a diverse and interesting mix of contemporary electronic music.