RUR – Liquid Dreams


From the Amsterdam underground comes the haunting techno of RUR. The duo, comprised of producer Rustig and vocalist Jules Rêver, is known for their trademark pitch-shifted vocals. RUR will release their new EP "Liquid Dreams" on Rustig's techno label Natural Behave. The release opens with the title track 'Liquid Dreams', layering Jules' distorted vocals over shredded synth hits. 'One Shot Of Moonshine' dials back the chaos for a mellower feel with the chant-like vocal line lulling the listener into an electro-hypnosis. Finally, Italian duo Wave Form present their rendition of 'Liquid Dreams', accentuating the reverb and upping the tempo with a driving bass. 'Liquid Dreams', a powerful presentation of twisted techno, will be released on May 1st via Natural Behave.