RUR – Jungle Mission


Renowned producer duo RUR, recognized for their dark techno sound coupled with pitch-shifted vocals, present a new EP denominated 'Jungle Mission'. After 'Tempting', the producers are back with two original tracks and one remix by acclaimed producer Daniel Englisch. A release 100% made in Amsterdam.

The EP is short and visceral, with it's two original cuts it rapidly developing the atmosphere, setting you in a creepy trip through the Congolese jungle. The recurring strokes will ambush your responsiveness by keeping you locked in the groove.

'Tiger Style' is the first encounter, the densest and cryptic, a unique introduction to the EP. Wavy and otherworldly vocals coupled with a syncopated beat, elevate the track and transport you to the heart of the wilderness. 'Gorilla Style' is a slight touch more quirky, the gloomy and moody fluctuations add an intriguing and dark temper that fits flawlessly with the EP's concept.

Daniel Englisch is responsible for remixing 'Tiger Style' giving it a quicker, catchier and harder twist. The original vocals were maintained, while the slightly chaotic drum sequence will suddenly and cleverly make you forget the EP is over.