RUR – H+ Remixes


RUR return in remix form with 4 exciting reimaginations by Justin Schumacher, Dave Mech, Dispar Vulgo and Rustig from their 2015 album on Defuse Records. RUR is a collaboration between producer Karel Eggerding (Rustig) and vocalist Fuji Rademaker aka Jules Rêver, known for their powerful industrial sound and pitch-shifted vocals.

The pack begins with Justin Schumacher's remix of 'Information'. A stark reinterpretation that uses all of his New York influences to create a sparse, yet energetic machine funk landscape. Dave Mech takes on 'Clouds'. Know for his strong drum work and clever orchestration, Mech delivers a powerful update full of menace and dark energy.

On 'Natural Behave', Rustig reinvigorates his own original with overdriven drums and a loose groove creating a crunchy, spiky rendition that leaps from the speakers. Rounding out the pack, Dispar Vulgo tackles 'Future-ism'. Using the polyrhythms to great effect, the canny Dutchman twists the track into audio dynamite.