RUR – Factotum


RUR return for Natural Behave's fifth release, "Factotum": two original techno tracks plus one remix by Dulep.

The cut that titles the EP is surprisingly lacking vocals, nonetheless, the producers have succeeded in creating a dark narcotic atmosphere by using a harsh analogue mono synth whose filter's cutoff is permanently modulated by a very slow low-frequency oscillator. Intense pads hold the heavy cymbal action in "Factotum" after well begun the breakdown, which is resolved by subtracting sound elements until the beat engages back.

Dulep remakes "Factotum" into a thoroughly energetic techno monster. An intrusive and infectious groove was conceived by the Dutch producer while preserving the fundamental elements of the original almost intact.

To conclude the release, RUR shocks again with a relatively experimental, broken beat, laid-back track. The piece is a perfect sonic encounter amidst an exquisite rhythm and the low-pitched vocals RUR are recognised for.