RUR & Dave Mech – Control Modify Alter


Dave Mech and RUR collaborate on "Control Modify Alter", a four-track techno EP including three originals and one remix by Son Of 8-Bits.

"Control" starts the release with an ever-present off-beat synth sequence cleverly tamed by a filter that supplies an eerie atmosphere to the intense groove in this cut.

"Modify" displays the skilful use of distortion as a key element for building a massive groove foundation. The sound evokes a post-apocalyptic era where cybernetic entities rule human society.

"Alter" a deeply narcotic, pad-fueled broken beat cut that champions the art of dance floor energy manipulation on those times that deeper hypnosis comes at hand.

Son Of 8-Bits takes "Control" to new musical realms by incorporating huge ambiences and filling them with carefully tuned pads and percussion elements.