Oliver Kucera

Listen on SoundcloudDownload from BeatportInstagramFacebookBorn in Spain, grew up between Prague and Amsterdam and now living in Berlin, Oliver Kucera knows how to put on a show behind his analogue gear and midi controllers. Having played at festivals and clubs, national and international and with … Continue readingOliver Kucera


Listen on SoundcloudDownload from BeatportFacebookReleases:RUR – H+ RemixesDutch music producer, owner of Natural Behave Records.


Listen on SoundcloudDownload from BeatportFacebookReleases:RUR – Midnight NationDee Marbus – Lost & FoundRUR & Dave Mech – Control Modify AlterRUR – Many MoneyRUR – FactotumRUR – H+ RemixesRUR – Liquid DreamsRUR – Jungle MissionRUR – Tempting Rustig & Jules Rêver It was 2013 when the … Continue readingRUR

Wave Form

Listen on SoundcloudDownload from BeatportFacebookReleases:RUR – Liquid DreamsTechno Dj’s and producers Alessandro and Edoardo, also know as Wave Form, were born in Italy. They began their journey as Dj’s in 2005, but the project as Wave Form started in 2009. From then on it has … Continue readingWave Form


Listen on SoundcloudDownload from BeatportFacebookReleases:RUR – Many MoneyTunnel is a techno artist and performer. Tunnel has been honing and crafting his own unique sound since 2006. With an emphasis on broken rhythms and unconventional sound design, Tunnel is best described as a sound sculptor. His … Continue readingTunnel


Listen on SoundcloudDownload from BeatportListen on SpotifyTwitterInstagramFacebookWatch on YouTubeReleases:RUR – Midnight NationTweets by greencrossliveGreencross is a music producer, DJ, and record label owner. He has been performing, creating and releasing music since 2003, besides owning one record label since 2010 and running other four since … Continue readingGreencross