Son Of 8-Bits

The world has never been this over-populated. Malnourishment and pollution have driven the world’s government into the use of secret experiments on humans, animals and anything the cyber-DNA experts can come-up with. Although these experiments are running wild on the streets they remain officially nonexistent. Their origin and purpose remain highly classified. These are the stories as seen by one of these experiments, AE-0023 or “Chester” as his previous owner used to call him. A cat with the ability to comprehend and physically record, or store, events that take place. Being a highly agile creature with cybernetic capabilities this cat lives the life of a stray-cat; At night he sits on rooftops, sneaks down alleys or simply sits outside a window and observes. Satellite-data suggests AE-0023 has been present and perhaps active at some of the world’s biggest supernatural events, caused, catalyzed or powered by these cybernetic experiments. (These events are quickly passed-off as “terrorist attacks” by the government.) These sounds are the aurally enhanced versions of encrypted files as captured by Chester. The decrypted contents of these files remain unknown.