Rustig & Jules Rêver

It was 2013 when the first seed was sown in Karel Eggerding AKA Rustig, and Fuji Rademaker AKA Jules Rêver’s sonic partnership. Since then, the Dutch pair have collaborated as RUR - an electronic duo with their roots planted firmly in the 90s. Their sound blends their 90s influences with a modern techno feel, resulting in productions that are unmistakably RUR in nature. 

Taking coinciding piano lessons may well have been the best decision Karel and Fuji ever made and, while the piano tuition may not have lasted, their friendship did. They soon saw the sense in collaborating, and they combined Karel’s production with Fuji’s pitch-shifted vocals to produce their first track, Clouds. With their first success under their belts, they went on to collaborate on several more recordings, before making it official. RUR was born and with it a sound that the pair have made truly their own. 

The two cite influences ranging from literary science fiction (the name RUR is taken from a theatrical performance in which the word ‘robot’ was first used) through to those of a sonic persuasion - Speedy J, Blawan, Kendrick Lamar, and The Beastie Boys, to name but a minute selection. Such influences, as well as the wider 90s techno, electro, and hip-hop scenes in general, can be heard throughout the RUR back catalogue. 

Locking themselves in the studio isn’t the only criteria on RUR’s to-do list, though. They frequently take their sounds public and have previously graced the stage at Sugar Factory, Paradiso, and Doka - the club in which they presented their 2015 debut album, H+ as part of an audiovisual piece in conjunction with V-Motions. Festivals include Patterns and Mystic Garden

Behind the mixing desk, though, Rustig and Jules make use of a selection of hardware, recorded into Ableton and resulting in their unique sound, which made it to no less than six releases on Natural Behave in 2018. A similar set-up is taken on the road, as Ableton Live meets drum machine and synth, with Fuji controlling his pitch-shifted vocals with a range of stomp-boxes. 

With support coming from the likes of Erol Alkan, Alex Bau, The Advent, Chris Liebing, Cari Lekebusch, Dj Emerson, Subjected, Submerge, Marcel Dettmann, 2000 and one, Scuba, Radio Slave, Renaat Vandepapeliere, and Maceo Plex, it is plain to see why RUR are fast becoming the name on everyone’s lips.