Greencross is a music producer, DJ, and record label owner. He has been performing, creating and releasing music since 2003, besides owning one record label since 2010 and running other four since 2016.

As a DJ he has performed all over Brazil, and Europe: from massive events as Virada Cultural in São Paulo, raves deep in the amazonian jungle to underground parties in Barcelona and festivals like ADE in Amsterdam. He has received national and international press, been interviewed in multiple magazines, blogs, radio and television. He's performed alongside electronic music's biggest DJ's and producers.

Greencross currently runs five labels, one of which was founded by him in 2010: Different Is Different Records. He produces music for his own label and others as well, creating almost every music style under different artist names, while mainly focusing on underground techno. He curates a regular podcast online, and is periodically supplying mixes for other shows as well. He even has organized successful events in countries where he doesn't even speak the local language.