Natural Behave: Techno Record Label from Amsterdam


The Label

A natural answer to a call for Techno

Karel Eggerding's record label is defined by a deep, dark, industrial techno sound. The first six instalments are the fruit of a collaboration between Rustig and Jules Rêver. The inaugural release titled ‘Tempting’ consists of two original techno tracks by the duo known as RUR. A third cut comes in the form of a remix of ‘Tempting’ by multi-talented Dutch artist Dee Marbus, to naturally wrap up the three-tracker.

About RUR

Rustig & Jules Rêver

A collaboration between producer Karel Eggerding (Rustig) and vocalist Fuji Rademaker aka Jules Rêver. Obscure techno with live, pitch-shifted vocals are the main traits of RUR’s sound. In 2016 their album was brought to the dutch public in an immersive audiovisual act, together with visual artist V-Motions at Amsterdam’s Club Doka. 

The Music

A platform for selected producers

The label's growth pattern promises to serve you a dose of techno every two months.

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Justin Schumacher

Techno from The Bronx

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY by way of The Bronx, Justin Schumacher is a product of 90s hip hop and rave culture. After over a decade of hard work and dedication, he has emerged as one of NYC's most promising techno talents.

Dave Mech

Techno musicianship

With his background of playing flamenco guitar, bass guitar and drums, Dave Mech has a strong sense of rhythm which he uses effectively in his techno productions. By using synthesis, field recordings and extensive sampling techniques, he has created his own unique sound.


Ever-Evolving Style

DULEP enjoys his musical freedom. Continuously re-inventing his music style.

Daniel Englisch

Extensive musical experience

Daniel Englisch is responsible for remixing 'Tiger Style' giving it a quicker, catchier and harder twist. The original vocals were maintained, while the slightly chaotic drum sequence will suddenly and cleverly make you forget the EP is over.

Dee Marbus

Unlimited Artistry

Talented DJ, producer, visual artist and graphic designer working under alter egos like [Mødel1], Audio Collisionn, Mode-K and V-Motions. On a regular basis he's commanding dance-floors in and around Amsterdam’s underground events.


Techno Performance Artist

 T U N N E L ] is a techno performance artist focused solely on evoking an inward journey within an audience: Visual Techno \ Electronic Meditation \ Crowd Synergy.

Dispar Vulgo

Amsterdam Techno

Jerry's passion for electronic music began to form at the end of the nineties, and then when house music began to divide into different streams of music he found his passion for Techno.

Wave Form

Techno duo from Italy

Italian duo Wave Form present their rendition of 'Liquid Dreams', accentuating the reverb and upping the tempo with driving bass.


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